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Our services help you meet deadlines, accelerate time to market, confirm to the highest quality standards and provide you the highly skilled resources you need to maintain your competitive edge. All this, while you continue to remain cost efficient and focus on the business of growing your business. We builds innovative, revenue-generating software products, enabling businesses to quickly turn ideas into value.

About Company

SSNTPL is a leading international software outsourcing company headquartered in Delhi. We offer end to end IT solutions worldwide. Our offering covers all stages of the software level lifecycle: from business analysis , design and prototyping to the actual development , quality assurance and post project maintenance and support.

SSNTPL aim to develop high quality products along with meeting customer’s individual needs and requirements. We are in business of long term relationship with our clients. We are focused on delivering high quality software to our clients with a strong commitment to our customer’s success. We bring passion of ownership and hardworking in providing services to our clients. We strive for excellence and work with a clear mind of being a trusted partner to the customer and thereby getting more business from the same customer.