“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” Media has the power to influence. With such a wide reach and grip over the masses it holds the power to make someone or break someone.

With the changing times and advancing technology a revolution in the field of media industry has been witnessed. Composing, printing, animation, audio, video visuals, and printing of newspapers & magazines are easily possible through the advance systems.

Information can now be disseminated to the readers in a flash. Internet Journalism is at its peak. Nothing can be manipulated or can go unnoticed. E-newspapers have also made their place with the digitalized world. Film makers communicate their ideas through their web series or movies and bring out content on strong topics.

Radio is also a powerful source of media. Many office go-ers don’t have time to watch the news so they tune in to the radio while they travel to their workplace. They can get news, latest updates, entertainment and music all at one place.

All this is possible because of technology. And with time tech has improved itself so much that today there is an app for every search. Apps like Amazon prime, Netflix, inshorts, jiocinema have gained much momentum in the recent times.

Apps take up most of our phone space and take us a step ahead in technology. So, why search on Google when you can search it on Playstore!